Yellow Socks Hair Salon


About Yellow Socks

Ever since Kathy was a little girl she always wanted to be a hairdresser. Watching women seemingly transform before her eyes amazed and astounded her in such a way she immediately knew her career path. As a child she would always practice on her friends and relatives until she was able to attend cosmetology school for formal training.

After graduation, she worked in many hair salons throughout Green Bay and eventually rented her first and only chair. When she realized how much of her earnings she was giving away, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and she decided to go into business for herself.

Tucked away in one of Green Bay's original neighborhoods was an unused neighborhood grocery store with space below for her salon and housing above. She instantly knew that was where Yellow Socks would call home and bought it immediately.

At one time the salon covered the entire first floor and to supplement her income and business expenses she rented chairs. When children came into the picture she recognized that running a full salon business and raising two children was stretching herself too thin and scaled down to two chairs which she could still run easily while caring for her children.

Today, most of her children are grown, but the quaint little salon remains with its eclectic collections of old beauty products, a mid-century hair curler that you have got to see to believe, even an old hair dryer, intermingled with her children's art and collages of hair and fashion styles through the years and if you choose, your musical preference playing in the background.

Kathleen Clay - Owner


At Yellow Socks Kathy believes getting your hair done isn't any good if you can't replicate the look after you go to bed. That's why she spends time with each client to teach them how to achieve the same look the next day, just as when they walked out of her salon. She also styles hair in a way that is much easier to replicate at home. Yellow socks was also one of the first salons in Green Bay to offer Aveda's non-petroleum based products which is better for your hair and your body.

Services offered are:

  • Cut
  • Style
  • Color
  • Facial Wax
  • Perms
  • Special Occasion Styling

The Salon

Kathy considers Yellow Socks a one chair salon. Meaning all her attention is on you throughout your visit. “It frees people. They can just be themselves.” She says. “They're alone, and many people like it.”

Kathy understands that while most people don't pay attention to the music when they're getting their hair done, the latest auto-tuned pop starlet doesn't really hit everyone's musical chord. At Yellow Socks, Kathy allows you to choose your own soundtrack during your session.